Welcome to Rajačke pimnice, home of traditional winemaking and viticulture!



At the very east of Serbia is a small town and Negotin region called Negotinska landscape that is well-known for its ideal conditions for grape growing and wine production. In this area, people have for centuries engaged in the production of wine and came to the conclusion that they need special facilities with special conditions close to the vineyards for easier and better quality wine production. So they created “pimnice”.

“Pimnice” or “pivnice” are purpose built “homes”, outside the village near the vineyards. Usually they are “buried in the ground,” a few meters and were built of stone, which provides special conditions and the isolation needed for the production and preservation of wine. Wineries of such structures, which have remained until this day, began to build in the late 18th century. In Negotinska krajina most of the villages had such facilities (more about that HERE) but the only one remained preserved and used today as centuries before are the pimnice near the village of Rajac so. “Rajačke pimnice”.